Introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface

Welcome to this new one interesting post in which you will go through and learn Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface that is also known as illustrator for beginners because the post mention the basics of Adobe Illustrator CS6. Hence, a good chance for newbie to read about it to learn Adobe Illustrator interface portions. Actuality, it is one of the valuable discussion that demands full attention of reader. I’ll discuss some important aspects of Adobe Illustrator CS6 staying in the topic of “Introduction to Interface of Adobe Illustrator CS6”. Therefore, our point of view is on Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface in which Menu, Control Palette, Tool Box, Floating Palette, Artboard and Status Bar etc will mention. Before arrival in the Adobe Illustrator learning it is necessitate you learn first its interface and main menus. Vital is to learn that, what for it’s all portion and which kind of work you can performance by using them. So, I hope you will gain rich knowledge from this post. Furthermore, if you want to read more about the same current category, keep on to visiting the site. Now the time is to go ahead to the main topic about Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface.

adobe illustrator cs6 interface

Title Bar/Main Menu:

Right Portion:
Title Bar is the first main portion of Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface that has two portions Side Right and Side Left. On Side Right some buttons and options are placed as at full right side three default buttons Minimize, Restore and Close are available. About designing these have no any performance but you can handle the Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface through them. During working in Adobe Illustrator sometimes you need to open other application and you not want to close the Adobe Illustrator. In this case you can minimize it through Minimize button. Maximize button is used to stretch whole of Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface on entire of system screen. When the maximize button is on, there is an option of Restore. In this case you can restore your Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface and now you can resize Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface from its all around edge. At full right side the last button of Close which is used to close the Illustrator CS6 application simply. After these small buttons a small search bar is placed which is used to search something. After this some important different kinds of Workspaces are available in drop down menu. The menu has different workspaces as Layout, Painting, Tracing, Web and Typography etc. When you select any other workspace, related it right sided panels appear. In this menu you can create your own require workspace and work through it.

title bar or main menu of adobe illustrator cs6
Left Portion:
It is the important portion of Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface that contains all vital menus. At full left side of it a small Adobe Illustrator logo is by double clicking on it you can close the program. Next left side orderly all main menus are placed as File, Edit, Object, Type, Select, Effect, View, Windows and Help. These menus are for different types of task most of the actions are taken place here.

main menu of adobe illustrator cs6

Control Palette:

When you select any tool from Tool box, related to it more extra options are displayed in Control Palette. You can make further changing from Control Palette on your project. For example, if you select Text Tool, related to it the other option will be Character, Paragraph, Alignment, Stroke, Opacity etc. So, you can make more editing in your text by using these extra options. For all of other tools the options will be related to it.

control palette of adobe illustrator cs6

Floating Palette:

Floating Palette is right sided placed palette in Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface. Here by default some panels are placed like Color Palette, Swatches, Brushes, Symbols, Stroke, Gradients, Appearance and Layer etc. You can control all panels here and also can display other ones from Windows menu. All the panels which are there in the windows when open display in Floating Palette.

floating palette of adobe illustrator cs6

Tool Box:

Tool Box is one of the main portion of Adobe Illustrator CS6 that carried many tools those are used for different task. If you see this box, here at first Selection Tool, Magic Wand Tool and Lasso Tool are placed. Their main purpose is to make selection. Moreover, Pen Tool, Text Tool, Rectangle and Erase Tool are best Tools of Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tool Box. In next category Rotate Tool, Scale Tool, Width Tool, Free Transform Tool, Perspective Grid Tool are also there which are for different task. Under it some other tools are placed like as Gradient and Eyedropper those are well known to make gradient effect on a project and eyedropper Tool is used to choose your favorite color from an object. In next category Slice, Zoom Tool and Hand Tool are placed. Next here Tool Box Color Palette is placed with Fill and Stroke color. You can adjust fill and stroke color from this Color Palette for your project.

tool box of adobe illustrator cs6


In Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface Artboard is an area where a designer works. Whichever effect you apply on the project it displays on this artboard. There is an option to display more than one artboard on the same windows. You can add other one form window>Artboard. Through this path an artboard panel opens where there is an option of New Artboard. You can create new one and also can delete which is spare.

artboard of adobe illustrator cs6

Status Bar:

Status Bar is bottom area of Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface where some tiding shows about current project as Zooming level and Pages. Moreover, you can move your project into any direction by scroll.

status bar of adobe illustrator cs6

It was the essential post for them those are searching for beginner illustrator tutorials and they are newbie in graphic designing area. In this illustrator learning category there many easy illustrator tutorials for beginners are. All these are well comprehensive with example detailed. You should carry on to ahead for more Illustrator learning. So, the recent article was just for basic information about Adobe Illustrator CS6 Interface. By keeping easy method I tried to learn you about the topic. Hope you really learnt lot of new thing from this so it is better to share among the community.

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