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Welcome to my first current category about Photoshop training. In the same discussion I’m going to talk about Graphics Designing software Adobe Photoshop. Particularly, Photoshop for beginners are welcome here to learn Photoshop basic to advanced tutorials. We’ll cover its main facets as Versions History, Plugins, File Format and also will take an introduction of it. Definitely, Photoshop is prominent wonderful software using in Graphics Designing as well special part of web designing to creating web buttons, menus and GIF type images. For me, it will be parsimony to not move hand about this fantastic software (Adobe Photoshop). So, let’s go toward our main point……..

Introduction to Adobe Photoshop:

Photoshop is a Bitmap/Raster base graphics software its object made by tiny pixels/boxes which have their own different color value. You can use it as a Bitmap Graphics Designing and making bitmap objects especially for web. Photoshop is one of the useful software using in Graphics Designing industry. Web master mostly takes Adobe Photoshop’s help whenever he needs to create his website’s slices because its objects made by pixels and when he uploads on server, these done easily. That is why, he prefers Photoshop to get perfection in his work instead of Vector Graphics Software like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw etc.

Which Kind of Work You Can Do in Adobe Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a big name in Graphic Designing that is well known in bitmap Graphic Designing. It is not only you can design just one side Graphics Designing using it but also it performances professional designing. The latest Photoshop version is CC 2017 that consists of excellent unique tools and features you can use them to designing your exclusive ideas. Definitely, in Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 you can performance any your required designing and it deals about all challenges about the following tasks.

  • Restoring old Photographs
  • Creating Brochure
  • Designing Visiting Cards
  • Designing Wedding Cards
  • Creating Text Effects for Print and Web
  • Designing Web Banners and Buttons
  • Designing Web Slices
  • Adding Text to Photographs
  • Creating an Animation Text & Image
  • Combine Pictures & Text

What Type of Designing You can Design in Adobe Photoshop?

In designing, you may be heard the name of two type of designing Bitmap/Raster and Vector base. Your designing rounds by these two types of graphic (Bitmap/Raster and Vector). For these designing programs are separate or you can convert your Vector base designing into Bitmap easily. If talk about Adobe Photoshop that is raster base graphic software you can performance all kind of bitmap designing in its environment professionally. Work saves in it as square boxes which called pixels and these pixels have their own color value. You can see these pixels once you zoom in the project from its round corner. Objects made by pixels are heavy in size and not seen smooth once these got zooming in. So, Adobe Photoshop works on the base of Bitmap Designing that performance your any knotty task related to raster/bitmap designing.

Adobe Photoshop Versions History:

Adobe Photoshop is designed by Thomas and John Knoll in 1988. Then it begins to using in industry base as a Raster base editing. After passing the time its new updates keeping on issuing with CS “Creative Suite” name. After 2003 its new versions begin to releasing with CS name. The first Photoshop version launched with CS in October 2003 as a commercially base. In its eighth version many additions are made as Histogram Palette and Matching Color etc. After eighth edition, Photoshop CS2 was launched in May 2005 along with new elements and tools as Spot Healing Brush, Smart Object, Vanishing Point, Image Wrapping etc. Adobe Photoshop CS3 version was released on April 2007 with some new features. Adobe Photoshop CS4 brought new advanced Photo Editing options in its system that was released on October 15, 2008. It appeared as a capability of accurate Image Analysis, 3D, Motion Graphic, Paint on 3D Models, Wrap 2D Images and Animate 3D object etc. Adobe Photoshop CS5 version was released in April 12, 2010. This new version brought many changes in Photoshop as Edge Refine, Mixture Brush and Puppet Wrap etc. Adobe Photoshop CS6 version was released on May 2012 along with new Creative designed features. Its other one super improved version was of CC 2014 in 18 June, 2014. In Adobe Photoshop CC version various changes are made like as two blur tools of Spin and Path are added.
Its CC 2015 version was released on 15 June 2015 which brought creative features Adobe Stock the library of custom stock images. Latest Photoshop version was released on 02 November 2016 with the ability to searching for tools and panels etc.

Photoshop is one of the most important software using in Graphics designing and Web Designing industry. Indeed, it is shown with remarkable eyes by everyone who has keen interest in Graphics Designing field. Hurrah! It has own value on internet that can’t be narrated in single post. So, the improvement in Adobe Photoshop features is not stopped and its every new version kept releasing time-to-time with bundle of new features. In above discussion part I merely discussed few versions of Adobe Photoshop but it has many other are also. Its every edition has own merit in its tools and there is waiting when Adobe Photoshop will bring more and more revolution in Graphics Designing field so wait until.

Adobe Photoshop Plugins:

Plugin is an extra add-on for Photoshop that helps user to get more improvement in his task. By passing the time various Plugin are keeping on release for Photoshop to make more improvement in graphics work like as Auto FX Gen1 Plugin. This Photoshop Plugin creates various affect on an image as Shady, Snow, Lighting and Fogy. Extensis Photo Tools is another Plugin of Photoshop that creates several effects includes Bevel and Frames etc. Filter Forge is other one Photoshop Plugin having many options that let users to create own Background, Filter, Frames and Effect. It has three versions Basic, Standard and Professional. In Professional Version you can work on Elements and 3D Rending. Moreover, the excellent Plugin is left yet, Magic Picker Color Wheel that works to pick color from any knotty objects. It is eye catching tool used in Photoshop nearly its more than 10000 times downloads enable the Graphics Designer to use it for his task. Surly, you can make your work enough easy and better to using this plugin.

Adobe Photoshop File Format:

Adobe Photoshop File Format

After completing work in Photoshop, you can save your work document into many formats as JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF and PSD etc. PSD its default save file, if you need to make editing in your project later, you can choose this format.
PSD stand for Photoshop Document. In this format the file called PSD Photoshop. During working in Photoshop sometimes you need to stop the project. So you can select PSD format to save this project so that you may edit or continue it afterward. PSD format is type of PS file, through this type you can continue your previous work where from you stopped.
JPEG stand for Joint Photographic Experts Group. This format especially use for web because in this format the file uploads easily on server. Commonly your images are of JPEG format which look as a static view.
PNG stand for Portable Network Graphics. If you are required to have without background image, you save your image into PNG format. In this format the image background is transparent when you use this object its background invisible due to its translucent background. If you’ve not an object in rectangle shape you use this format to keep its background transparent. Mostly PNG images are used in web which display without background on the browser.
GIF stand for Graphics Interchange Format. This format is motion and animated style. GIF type is used whenever you make any motion type object with the combination of several layers. Mostly, on internet ads banner are of GIF format its layers are moving with eye catching look.
PDF is an abbreviation of Portable Document Format. In this format work saves in fix shape as a book and permanent software needs to open it like as Acrobat Reader is one to open PDF format file. (Currently web browsers now have capability to open PDF directly.)

Adobe Photoshop has also other few file formats as TIF, ESP, PSB, EPS, DCM etc but above mention are more useable in our daily usages thus, I consider well to narrate about them.

Last Words:

I hope you learnt something special from this post because it may you just only heard the name of some of Photoshop features mentioned in the main article. It was just commencement of Photoshop training for you. To taking complete Photoshop training, go to my next articles of this category. So, in this current article I tried my best to provide expensive knowledge for you with easily conversation. Moreover, let me know in the comment how this article was for you?

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