17 Accurate Google Adsense Policy before Applying

Really, if you remain online on internet, you also search for the keyword how to make money online? Is make money online possible? Or which are real ways to make money online? Although you but everyone want to make money staying at home and consider this will be great facility if succeed to earn staying at home. You deem benefit to earn at home because you not need to go outside your home to do work under your boss. Moreover, you face not physically labor to doing online work but just work on laptop whichever your client orders you.

So, to make money online is a dream of everyone who stays online. This craze extended till Social Media too but currently it is good to say it is also possible through Social Media if you consider it serious.

This concept is true make money online is possible now there is no need any argument about this topic. As, I mentioned top ways to make money online which are real and tested by me and you can use them without risk to earn lot of. So, close for some while this though let go ahead to main topic of Accurate Google Adsense Policy before Applying for it. The topic is an approach to get 100% an approved Google Adsense account. Definitely, here is list of some important Google Adsense Policy which is needed to act upon before applying for Google Adsense.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertising platform service powered by own Google which is designed for publishers the site holders to displaying text and animated image ads on their site. A publisher aim is to earn money through his site thus when any visitor clicks or views his sites ads, he got revenue by the Google Adsense program. Google Adsense ads are managed by publisher as he can customize in it as his site content. The same code which Google provides to the publisher, he embeds on his site and Adsense ads display.

Google Adsense is a service of free of cost you can join but it is need you passed through all its program policy. Its program policy are some drastic you have to work hard to access till them but remember these are not impossible. By doing hard work and keep in mind its program policy you can sign up for Adsense and can get approved account. After get compete approved account it is not enough you forgot Google Adsense Policy and carry on to gathering dollar but you have to run with Adsense. Time to time Google Adsense Policy change you should keep on reading them so that your account remain active and may not suspend.

Why you not get an Approved Adsense Account?

Adsense is a name of truth that neither bear liar against itself nor do the same attitude with his user. I thing you are count one in them who tried his best many time but constantly failed to get approved Adsense account. And after that you have negative comments against Adsense but actually Adsense works on the base of truth. I merely say this (sorry) the fault is your only, you skipped something that is why you’re yet enable to sign up successfully for Adsense.

Why you not get an Approved Adsense Account

This is also clear Google has tough bets to gain approved account on it but not more and are possible could be gained with less struggle.

According to a deduction there may be much reason that you are yet enable to displaying Adsense ads on your site. So, seek them and fights against them as mentioned under and after understood once again go to Adsense Sign up page this time really the achievement will be in your lap.

Unsatisfied Content:

Your valuable organic content is a main assert of your site which is the great source to maintain your visitors on your site. Google as well other ads network demands High Quality Content that satisfy user about the topic. I think it is the biggest one lack your site consist of useless content and Google reject your application to giving you Adsense ads.
Don’t mind. Most of you just write about an article like a boring without comprehensive detail which is unsatisfied for the user and finally he leave your site to other one without giving you any positive feedback. When you got much time rejection by Google Adsense, you blame on it but you should think how Google give you an approved account whereas your website failed to give perfect information to the visitor about his required topic.

Illegal Content Type:

When you apply for Adsense Google, his team checks all its aspects carefully. In them your content is also checked that on which topic your site content is. Is this topic is useful for the people or just cause to spread evil? Remember, Google Adsense accepts only official type content due to it anyone may not fell in evil. One of the main weak point of your site may be your site have illegal content and your application rejected by Google team. Illegal content like as mentioned under are strictly banned by Google and sorry, you can’t apply for this.

  • Hacking cracking Content
  • Hated type Content
  • Pornography Content
  • Content that cause to spread evil in the Society

Use Copyrighted Images:

On most of time you have to insert image with your text type content. You search for it from Google and thousand of results appear for you with excellent outcome. You download your liked image and use it in your content. Doing this job till many months with writing several posts you applied for Adsense. After some days you receive negative response by Google like as “your application can’t be approved due to Copyright content on your site.
Yes, now you knew what the importance of copyright image for Google Adsense is and you can’t apply for Adsense with this material. Consequently, you must prepare your own image if need to attach with the text content. You can use some Graphics Designing softwares for this purpose, which are excellent to design your favorite graphics with eye catching look.

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Abode Photoshop
  • CorelDraw

Unreal Traffic Source:

Information Technology is become powerful but more and more advanced. It is although negative podium or positive all are not behind in progress. If mention traffic of a site, that is also became power to gather maximum traffic toward brand new site. You can purchase your site traffic which is called paid traffic but Google hate this type of traffic because he accepts all things in real state. Thus, one of the main reasons you got rejection by Google Adsense purchase Backlink for your site thus Google refuse to give you approved Adsense account.

Bad Site/Blog Design:

As you work hard to prepare your site content but the other aspect the interface of your site you mostly ignore. Remember, when you apply for Adsense, Google team takes look at your site design carefully whether it is simple and clear or not. So, if your site is not user-friendly, Google reject your application.

Before apply for Google Adsense you must completed all its rules and regulation otherwise there is no way you become success to gain an approved account. Now you reached the very important part of the discussion where I’m going to share with you what are accurate Google Adsense Policy you need to take care of them before applying for Adsense. So, let’s go ahead to them…………

1: Use TLD (Top Level Domain):

If you want to start permanent online business, you should spend some dollar to purchase your own TLD (Top Level Domain) with your liked name. Besides, this option is also there you can get approved Adsense account through blogspot.com which is a platform Google own. What a great thing if you buy your own Top Level Domain. TLD domain will be known as with your register name and this domain name is your property till how many years you make register.
I think this question may create in your mind but where to make register your domain name with accurate company? It is just simple several of authentic companies are you can search for your domain name and make register through them for how many years long you want. Under mention is a list of some company using them you can search for your required name and make register.

2: Domain Age:

Google want you work on your site for a long time so that it’s all aspects should complete. Similarly he gives to the publisher to work on his site till 6 months and you need to working on this span regularly. It is not ample you just made register a domain name and leave it empty till 6 months.
It is ok you can’t apply for Adsense until your domain name not reach till 6 mount old. During this time you have to working continue on it so that you could publish it with all requirements.
Note: If you have massive eager to make money with Adsense just Sign Up through BlogSpot for working on blog three months.

3: Write Unique and High Quality Content:

Your content is main aspect of your site and Google not let you to compromise for it. You should not skip any successful step to bring improvement on your site. Always write High Quality and Unique content that become cause to gather maximum visitor toward your site. This thing is approachable when your visitors satisfy with your site content and get entire of knowledge about the topic.

Unique and High Quality Content
You must keep in mind during apply for Adsense, Google expert team review your application carefully importantly your site content. On this time you have to impress them that your site content is the king. You should remember some values to include in your content as…………..

  • Content with Unique and Original
  • Content with Headings and Bullet Lists
  • Content with Image that presentation the topic more
  • Content with Informative and Comprehensive
  • Content that mentions the topic clearly

One thing more need to take care of your content should be free from spelling and grammar mistake because once your visitors read about it they may not feel anything missing or consider you as a lack of complete command in English language. To prepare free from spelling and grammar mistake content it is better to use of MS Word that tell once you type incorrect word with red underline and for grammar mistake you are awaked with green underline.

4: Don’t Use Copyright Images:

Your content is incomplete yet until it is not consist of images. Images in the text content provide extra explanation about the topic. You must use them to make your content more comprehensive and informative. But, as it is guilty to copy other one text content same as it is too to copy other image and use them on your own site.
Google Adsense take action about this vice that you copied others’ images and use for own without the permission of the owner. Always prepare your own image using any bitmap or vector base graphic designing software as of

  • Adobe Photoshop (Recommended)
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CorelDraw

As Google is a place of free of cost easiness you can get your required thing by just one search. My means there are some sites which are related to photography you can download your required image here and use on your site without any risk. There is no copyright issue against you from these sites thus; download image media related to your topic from here and use freely there is no matter.
Here is a list of some website where from you can download free images and there is no restriction by them

5: Create Privacy Page:

One of the most common mistake that is happen by newbie blogger have not clear privacy page on his website. They consider having a Privacy Page just not a big thing and a site is also praise worthy without this. According to Google Adsense rules your site is not compete without Privacy Page.
Remember, why this Privacy is important? Then listen, the Privacy Policy means you are responsible and not a scam guy. It is actually mentions for your user that what they will obtain using your site. So, once you apply for Adsense its team carefully checks for its Privacy Page condition
Therefore, it is an important thing to prepare Privacy Page on your site and Google also recommended for it you too have………
You can find the current site Privacy Page as a good example then by the same way you should also prepare one for your property.

6: Create About Page:

An About Page plays an important role to win for you an approved account of Google Adsense. You completed the others important steps of your site and ignore About Page which is really recommended by Google Adsense policy. Definitely, in case you apply for Adsense having no this page, it is clear you are sorry to success in Adsense.
About page actually mention about your bio and your property. In this way Google even your user notify that active person is behind the site who run it and responsible for any mischief.
So, as other pages Privacy and Contact are important the same as About is also. You must manage it before applying for Adsense so that Google know who you are and relation between you and Google as well your visitor should strong.
Here is a sample of About Page you can take a look on it and prepare for yourself too.

7: Setup a Contact Page:

You really want to know what your users have opinion about your site or it may also they has any query to ask you. In this case you must have a page using your visitor reach till you and able to ask you whatever like about your site current state. Moreover, if they need modification in your site even what type they like and dislike etc.
Manage separate Contact page it is good thing to knowing how your site content progress is going on. For this, you should use your Email ID or it should also be good opinion if have profession one as info@rightpedia.com and to bring better improvement in Contact page you also must have your Social Media link as of Facebook, Twitter and Google plus etc.
You should know to creating Contact page one of the great vital steps which indicate you are responsible and take care for your user whenever they need to contact you. In this way, Google see your site with Contact page with positive views and agree to give you access till Adsense platform.
Now, you knew how much important Contact page on your site and never forget to use it before applying Adsense because Adsense team find Content page on your site. If there not found in your site really you face rejection response by Google and he wants to add it next time applying for
You can see the accurate example of my site Contact Page which is easy to find me as well in Social Media.
Furthermore, here are some slants you must follow to prepare well optimized Contact Page.

  • Use Top Level Email in your Contact Page info@rightpedia.com
  • Use Social Media Link in your page
  • Use Contact Form 7 Plugin for wordpress site
  • Use Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin


8: Verify Your Name and Email:

Verify Your Name and Email

Google want everything related your site as well your real name and Email ID. He needs to have quick access till you and you should not keep anything invisible from Google. You should introduce yourself in your site by providing your real name and ID in most of spot like About, Contact Pages and Author Bio widget etc.
Google clear all things about the program for his publisher and also want you should not keep anything away hide from him that cause for him and your site user painful. So, show your name and Email in your site that Google confirm he is the same person who applies for Adsense and not other spam type. This habit cause to win quick approve for Adsense account.

9: Prepare Good Number of Posts (At least 30):

It is not specific how many posts with specific words have you then you are able to apply for Adsense. It is ok, Google Adsense demand not high lengthy of posts but indeed need less work with proper optimized. Although you post hundred of post with thousand of words ignoring Google Policy, this work is useless and rejected by Google Adsense every time how many times you apply for.

Prepare Good Number of Posts
So, this question is clear how many post Google want your site have. There no figure specific about this. But this thing is important your work should be well organized that match according to Google Adsense Policy.
According to my suggestion you should apply for Adsense after having 25 posts with 700+ words long with good SEO optimized. As see Dillon who got approved his Adsense account with just 3 posts, 115 views, and 2 comments only. What great job he made! You know why his victory with less work? It is clear, he indeed worked less but this work with organic optimized according to Google Adsense rules and regulation. I visited his property and easily found the reason of his success as………

  • Simple and Clean Design
  • Easy to navigate blog
  • Unique Niche
  • Detail Content

10: Don’t Ignore SEO:

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization is a technique to marketing brand new site at top place in search engine. Your site should be visible whenever user searches for its content. This thing is only gain by White-hat SEO techniques/factors. It is one of the important features of site that Google check once an application is send to it. Google want organic SEO for a site not Black-hat paid SEO.

Do not Ignore SEO
We divide in three type of SEO which are White-Hat, Grey-Hat and Black-Hat SEO. Google and other advertising network want organic White-Hat SEO for a site and reject a site passed through Black-Hat SEO. Grey-Hat SEO nearly seen with White-Hat but on most time it also consider Black-Hat thus takes care about its techniques.
You must implement White-Hat SEO on your site before applying for Adsense. In White-Hat SEO actual techniques are including which cause to make publicity of your site. Moreover, White-Hat SEO could be mentioned in two main factors On-Page SEO and Off-Page. You must use them for your site step by step as these are narrated.

On-Page SEO:

On-Page SEO Examples
Blog Post Title (Don’t write more than 6 words long Post Title and include the one time your main keyword here)
Post Permalink (Permalink must be three to four words long and never forget to use one time your main keyword here)
Keyword Density (Keep Keyword Density about 2 percent per 100 words)
Meta Description: (Write good Meta Description with your one time main keyword included with 160 characters long)
Addition of Images (Add Media in your content and use ALT tag to make perfect its SEO)
Content Interlinking (Linking page to other relevant page)
Eternal Linking: (Link to other authentic sites with your content)

Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO Examples
Community Creation in Social Media Sites
Forum Posting
Social Bookmarking
Classifieds Submission
Document Sharing
Link Baiting

11. Make Sure you’re 18 Year:

Google want his user must be sensible who has ability to understand all Google Adsense Policy. That is why; Google announced a limit for his publisher only those are 18 year old or over. Most of user hides his age to make approve Adsense account but once Google trace his real age he got suspended the account. Why you do this you must wait for until you not growth till 18 year.

Be humble with Google as he is with you. He never wants to deceive you but most of greedy men remain always busy to disturbing his platform. Actually they just deceive him-self and can do nothing to Google. You as a responsible user act upon Google Adsense Policy and never hide anything for him nor your age but mention accurate.

12. Make Your Blog Design User-Friendly:

You consider it is not a matter but you are at wrong and Google take it serious and give much importance to his user has User-Friendly site. It must be quite clean simple and have not chaotic photo gallery.
When someone visits your site he sees its appearance at first time. How he like it fair or complicated? If he found it easy to understand, really he can spend some time on it. Oppositely if he feel difficult to understand its main content there is clear he leave it without giving any feedback but this negative feedback is ample for you he leave it. Very bad situation for you this, do something soon.
Anyway, your site is your assert you spend lot of time to build up its features. As you prepare all facets, in them Site Design must be keep in mind which should be professional by other look. Before you apply Google Adsense it is serious matter you manage it according to Google Adsense policy as your blog/site must have as next mentioned features which are instruction by Google Adsense policy.

  • Simple and Professional
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Proper Menus
  • No useless items in sidebar or footer
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Fast Loading

13. Check Your Content Type:

It is not depend on your consent you manage your site with any type of content whether it is bad. If you’ve zeal to display Adsense on your site, you’ve not permitted to step ahead against Google Adsense Policy. On every of your site step you’ve to follow Google Adsense Policy if not you do as you wish but Google leave you alone.
To win an approved account of Adsense you’ve to pass through many strict step in them site content type is very important that must be factual and useful for your site visitor.
Your site content must be valuable and it must not spread evil among the society. For example, your site topic is related to sex where openly related to sexual type content is there and users are falling in evil. On this condition your Adsense application must be rejected and there is no chance you win the race having this type of content.
So, here is content type narrated which are considered illegal thus Google hate them have on his publishers site. You take in notice before preparing your site content that should not in these following topics.

  • Pornography/Adult materials
  • Pirated Content
  • Hacking or Cracking Tutorials
  • Illegal Drugs/Paraphernalia
  • Any Other Illegal Stuff

14. Remove Other Networks ads on your Site:

You spend lot of time and expenses to build your site. Really it is your important dream and aim you make money from your site. To make money through your site important and useful way is of advertising on your site to displaying ads on. It is not only Google there that serving a site holder in the shape of Adsense ads but it’s useful alternatives also there which are working for publisher welfare and you can make enough money through them as well.

Remove Other Networks ads
After preparing some post on your site probably you sign up for other Adsense alternatives. I think the span of first 6 month very tough time for you when Google stay away you from Adsense and you can’t wait, finally you go to other ads network. Within this time period if you joined other ads networks and then completed all Google Adsense Policy and going to sign up for it, you are going to wrong. In this state you’re not worthy to sign up for Adsense because Google want your site should not have other network ads during applying for Adsense.

15. Check Your Traffic Source:

Whether you or other one want to see your site should have on fair place in search engine once someone search for its content it must appear at top place result page. Definitely, you implement lot of factor to take fair position of your site. These factors also may fake which are rejected by Google Adsense Policy and there is no place of such sites which included paid traffic.
Most of you those have haste to bring their site on first page of search engines may use paid traffic. I think they have no mind to make money with Adsense program thus they are yet ignoring the Google Adsense policy about site traffic.
You must take the help of White-Had SEO techniques to introduce your site among the user over the world. In this way Google Adsense say welcome to you and agree to share advertiser ads on your site. Remember, through Black-Hat SEO your site might have succeed to gain massive user but Adsense door is close for you, you never get approved account with paid traffic for your site.

16: Submit your Site to Google:

Google is a hero of internet considered the top champion to providing free services to the user. You just made connect to internet and begin to take amuse of its services. Even more Google provides the way to make money with Adsense. Google services are countless you can’t thank to them exclusively.

Submit your Site to Google
About webmaster you may be heard the name of Google Search Console previous (Webmaster Tool) that is a tool to optimize and manage your site in Google search engine. It was a time when only Google can see webmaster site Search State and then he decided for own webmaster also should examine his site state. So, Google Search Console is a term of this concept by Google.
Consequently, before applying for Adsense it is better your site appears in its search engine so that Google know it is well optimized and valuable that has good relation with Google. And, in this case there will be really fair chance you are given an approved account of Adsense without wait.

17: Quick Check List Google Adsense Policy:

Quick Check List

  • Use TLD (Top Level Domain)
  • Don’t Ignore SEO
  • Responsive Website
  • Google Submission/Sitemap
  • More Organic Traffic
  • No Adult Contents
  • Remove Other Networks Ad
  • Write factual Content
  • Write Good Number of Posts (At least 30)
  • Don’t Use Copyright Images
  • Apply when you gone 6 months old (For TLD Domain)
  • Verify yourself (Your Name and Email)
  • Google Adsense Policy

How was the Discussion anymore……………?

Welcome once again in last words of the current post. I think it is just large discussion with 4600+ words and now you’re at tiresome condition after reading this large one. I mentioned about all important initial steps which are needed to take care of them before applying for Google Adsense. Definitely, these steps are mentioned to keep in mind Google Adsense Policy thus really acting upon them you can win an approved account of Adsense with just single spell.

Furthermore, in case yet you’ve anything in your mind to ask me related to the topic, let me know. I’ll back in soonest with your positive response with argument. Thanks for becoming the part of the discussion.

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