Top 5 Google Adsense Requirements ask before applying for it

It is very hot topic toady’s for you which is related to Google Adsense approval tips. I hope you will be in good learning mood to take advantage of new things special. I’m going to give you very expensive knowledge about make money with Adsense and today’s discussion is known as Top Google Adsense Requirements ask before apply for its platform. There are just called Google Adsense tips before step ahead towards its Sign Up page. Definitely, these Google adsense tips are well explained here with argument and you need not explore more external places related to get your response while the current discussion is ample to find your relevant response.

If you remain busy with internet connection, you must search for Google Adsense earnings or how to possible to make Google Adsense earnings at home?

It is fair possible you can get achievement to make Google Adsense earnings with less struggle but it need you have active sagacity to understand Google Adsense Policy. After keeping in mind all Google Adsense Policy you are worthy to Sign up for its platform and with one struggle the achievement will be your own.

You know or if not yet then listen Google Adsense may for you sufficient income source if you consider it serious and always work according to its Guidelines.

Google Adsense is the Top Fame Holder Ad Network:

Once you made a keyword for earn money with Google, Adsense name is at top place before you by using this it is not only you can maintain just for single website but also can implement (Google Adsense code) on more than one websites. There is no matter you can use Google Adsense code on multi sites but bet is that all sites must be comply with Google Adsense Policy. Just the once you implement Google Adsense code on your site, after some while your Adsense website ads will appear. When someone visitor clicks on Adsense website ads or make impression for, the specific amount of Adsense money is sent to your account. In this way, the more you’ve visitor on your site the more you can make Adsense money through Google Adsense website ads.

Earn money with Google Adsense is a zeal of everyone who is on internet. Thus, after getting approved Adsense, everyone remain busy to extend his earning money with Google Adsense by optimizing their site in search engines through take the help of SEO. They know the more perfect SEO Strategy they have the more they can earn money with Google Adsense.

How to Get Approved Adsense Account?

On most of guys’ tongue this need is common, using which Adsense tricks we can able to make Adsense Money? These Adsense tricks should be enough to get approved Adsense account and webmaster could take them in their notice easily. For most of guys Adsense is very difficult to gain while most of say I got approved account within three or four mounts with fewer struggles. On this stage you may think by using which Adsense tricks how someone got approved account? Anyway, here is a list of these Adsense tricks which are enough to get approved Adsense account.

How to Get Approved Adsense Account

Which are these……………

  • Use TLD (Top Level Domain)
  • No Adult Contents allowed
  • Write Factual Content
  • Write Good Number of Posts (At least 30)
  • Keep your site Responsive
  • Include Mandatory Pages (Privacy Policy, About, Contact)
  • Don’t Use Copyright Images
  • Don’t Ignore SEO
  • Google Submission/Sitemap
  • Gather for Organic Traffic
  • Verify Yourself
  • Keep in mind Google Adsense Policy
  • Remove other Networks Ad
  • Apply when you gone 6 months old (For TLD Domain)

Why you yet fail getting Approved Adsense Account?

Once you have a mind to get your aim, you have to do something hard and then goal is in your lap. You know, you have to follow its terms and then you reached at the stage win is yours. Every platform on the internet that is working for the prosperity of user, have some rules and regulation by using them a user get his achievement in this platform. Most of user got achievement in it by just single spell while most of as well have tired and making lame excuse against the platform. They not know which thing made them helpless. It is their weak mindset and ignorance from its terms/rules, they failed yet.

Why you yet fail getting Approved Adsense Account

If look toward Google Adsense, the same platform has some program policy which are considered easy by rational user while most of considered them tough and fail to get account for Adsense.

Most of webmasters got Adsense account within single effort due to take care of its terms policy whereas most of yet fail due to more than one try.

Why this happen with them……………? Some main negative points are narrated ahead.

Indeed, Google has some difficult polices but these are not impossible to gain. You can follow them easily and pass in its platform.

Eventually, let me share with you what kinds of negative task you probably do against Google Adsense policy and lose the race. Here is listed bellow some main negative marks which are hated by Google Adsense Policy. You must avoid them if have a solid mind to gain an approved account of Adsense.

  • Duplicated Content on your site
  • Copy others’ image media
  • Apply with less content on your site
  • Apply yet you are under 18 years old
  • Apply with Pornography, Hated, Alcohol and Drugs type content
  • Implement Black Hat SEO on a site
  • Collect Paid Traffic toward your site
  • Apply previously other Network Ads on your site
  • Never pursue Google Adsense Policy

Google Adsense Requirements Ask before Apply:

As Google Adsense is the prominent ads network among several of, it has some requirements for his user if he has an ambition to make Google Adsense revenue. Absolutely, Google Adsense Requirements are difficult for newbie to obtain but he can achieve them with less struggle and sense. Before you applying for Adsense more than ones points you’ve to keep in mind related to Google Adsense requirements and you must follow them to win an approved account of Adsense. The same as, I mentioned in previous post of 17 Accurate Google Adsense Policy Ask before Apply, where I declared 17 vital Google Adsense requirements for newbie to gain approved account. Currently, this post as well with the same topic but here I’m going to mention most recommended Google Adsense Requirements ask before applying.

Google Adsense Requirements

So, come ahead………….

1 #: Which Type of your Site Traffic Is?

Before applying for Google Adsense this question is early whether your site has real traffic on it. Is it receiving genuine traffic over the world? As you may imagine there two aspects of everything has Good and Bad. You turn to any of corners, it is in your hands but you face later whatever you bow. The same example may have of your site traffic that may contain organic traffic or black traffic according to your approach.

On this stage there is vital thing to make understand you. What vital point is, now you immediately think for? It is your site traffic worth whether it is really organic that able to pass through Adsense platform successfully. Remember Google Adsense wants merely organic White Hat traffic toward your site. In case your site is built through Black Hat techniques, you need not think about ever you can get approved Adsense account.

Which Type of your Site Traffic Is

Anyway, now this is final you’ve to gather genuine traffic toward your site that is only happen due to your White Hat SEO techniques and strictly avoid from Black Hat SEO factor which are hated by Google as well other platform. Furthermore, here are models of White Hat SEO factors using them you can take your site on fair place in search engines and worthy to fulfill one of the important Google Adsense Requirements to join its ads network.

Make haste to see White Hat SEO Techniques………….

On Page SEO Examples:

Blog Post Title: (Don’t write more than six words long Post Title and include it one time your main keyword here)
Post Permalink: (Permalink must be three to four words long and never forget to use one time your main keyword here)
Keyword Density: (Keep Keyword Density about two percent per 100 words)
Meta Description: (Write good Meta Description with your one time main keyword include with 160 characters long)
Addition of Images: (Add Media in your content and use ALT tag to make perfect its SEO)
Content Interlinking: (Linking Page to other relevant page)
External Linking: (Linking to other authentic sites with your content)

Off Page SEO Examples:

Community Creation in Social Media Sites
Forum Posting
Social Bookmarking
Classifieds Site Submission
Document Sharing
Link Baiting

2 #: Have you touched to Google terms and conditions?

It is not just ample you are busy to preparing your site content (But ignoring Adsense Policy) and when its some stages are done, you sign up Google for Adsense. In this state, you will get a negative reply. Awareness about Google Guidelines for Adsense as important as you are serious with your site content.

Google Adsense Policy

Every corporation has some rules and regulation for the well being both of itself and user. These rules are imposed to the user and at any condition he has to follow them. Same as Google is a biggest company which has some possible Policies.

To gaining an approved account you have to follow Google’s term policies. But it is not ample you have to remain touch as well after gaining approved account otherwise it is near Google remain you alone.

To knowing furthermore Google Adsense Policies, let’s glance next highlighted headings.

  • Use TLD (Top Level Domain) like your domain name
  • Write factual Content
  • Write Good Number of Posts (At least 30)
  • Don’t Use Copyright Images
  • Don’t Ignore SEO
  • Prepare Responsive Website
  • Submission to Google/Sitemap
  • Gather Organic Traffic
  • Apply when you gone 6 months old (For TLD Domain)
  • Verify yourself (Your Name and Email)
  • Remove Other Networks Ad (Once going to apply)

3 #: Are You Reached till 18 Year Old?

Google Adsense is platform of authentic name that works on the base of reality. It’s all features are simple useful for the user and easy to understand but it system known as sensitive which must be covered by sensible guys. There is no permission to join user those are yet not sensible and yet not reach till the limited age.

It is strict bet of Adsense platform you must reach till the age of 18 years before applying for Adsense account. So, never use wrong date of birth once applying for Adsense. Never become smart whether if you are yet under 18 and wait for until you not reach till 18 years. As mentioned once again Google works on the base of truth its all rules and regulations are for user interest thus we too playing truly with it.

4 #: What is your Site Content Type?

“Content is a King” is a good saying by the experts because it is content that impress your visitor to become regular user of your site. If it is organized well and able to satisfy user, you will get well done by Google Adsense as well from other ad networks.

Informative content deliver the right message to your visitor. Right Message means useful content using it anyone may not get harm. Do imagine, on day base several of sites are rejected by Google Adsense due to illegal content on it. Because Google is name of truth that not wants his user may involve in bad addiction through this content.

content type

Finally, you are going to apply for Adsense, let me ask from you which kind of your site content has? Is it matching the content policy of Google Adsense? Because Google not accepts all type of content. He wants useful content which may not harm user personality. Therefore, near is a list of content type which is strictly banned by Google and you should not dare to apply for Adsense having the following type on your site.

  • Content that advocates against an individual
  • Recreational drugs and drug related content
  • Adult content
  • Alcohol related content
  • Healthcare related content
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Weapon related content
  • Tobacco related content
  • Pages that proffer compensation programs
  • Content that enables dishonest behavior

5 #: Do you Use any Previous Ads Unit?

In case you designed your site with great struggle indeed you want to make money from this assert. For this you must do something…………….as Google permit you to wait for first 6 months before applying for it so that within this time span you could complete all features of your site according to Adsense policies.

This is depend to you search for other Adsense alternatives where there is no strict of wait for 6 mounts and you join these ads platforms to make money. Really you made a mind to make money through these networks till initial 6 months.

Do you use any previous ads unit

So, there is no matter you make money within first 6 month neither Google prevents you. But as Adsense is the major source of make money its all features are clear for both of his advertiser and publishers thus he wants to know all things clear in your site. He not want you apply for it with other ads network on your site because he examines all things of your site clearly.

You must remember, Google not want you make less revenue from your site but he wants you increase your revenue through several means but with respected way. Once you got approved Adsense account, Google permits you to take part in other alternatives of it to increase your site worth and income there is no matter this.

Final Words:
Luckily, you reached the bottom lines of the post about Google Adsense Requirements. I hope this discussion proved for you informative and valuable. I explained all headings with detail simple language so that all and sundry may understand it A to Z easily. Moreover, I welcome you once again in case yet you have anything ask me about the topic or external topic related to Information Technology.
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