Introduction to Google Adsense

Before deep span, when was need to convey message till peoples about a product’s marketing through merely electronic media like radio and news etc. To get the intention companies used to make advertisement of their items on Television, News and Radio. Then internet became super improved all trends moved to it and the advertiser companies also begin to feel profit. They start to connect the biggest website to give them their product ads, Google and Yahoo were marked of them mainly. But yet there was problem for common website to get such these ads from big companies. The web designers designed website but no one permanent income source was for them. By passing the time Google and Yahoo begin to receive bundles of ads which were over for their site. Then, Google launched a program with the name of Google Adsense for them those have a website/weblog to display ads on their sites.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is an advertising platform service of own Google that work for the benefit both of advertiser and publisher. Publisher, who wants to make money through the way, takes advertiser ads from Google and display on his site. These ads could be of some type format as text, video and image. When any visitor clicks or see make impression for these ads, the publisher earn revenue for this from adsense program.
The advertisements are handled by the platform (Google) and publishers (site owner). Publisher need to create an account for adsense once his account approved, he is given code for the advertisement that he paste on the site then the same ads code appear graphically on the interface of a site. He has permit to make customizing in ads but its originality should not distress.

Google Adsense History

According to the Google history Google launched his Adsense program in March 2003. Firstly, the Adsense name was utilized by Applied Semantics that was started in 1998 by the great names Gilad Elbaz and Adam Weissman. Now, Google Adsense is a complete service system for whom who is searching for a query how to make money fast, he can join Adsense and make quick money at home.

At present, Google has abundant tools and services for all and sundry. He served remarkable services as Google adwords, Google analytics, and Google webmaster tools etc for web master by using them he can get well support for his website.

Pros and Cons of Google Adsense:

Adsense is the biggest name hearing on internet that took responsibility for internet user prosperity. It is you or me merry making to amusing its free services. So, we’ve no words that we could pay thanks to it but the same can do “respect its services to follow its guidelines”. To do the same you are one who pays thanks to him. But listen other words, I think you may disappoint after hearing them which are seen as Cons of Adsense. Google Adsense policy has some difficult conditions for them those become smart and deceive it. Indeed, you must know Adsense in favor of us that want prosperity for his user.
Google Adsense Pros:
Google Adsense advantages are untold which can’t mention in just single spell. But, as a highlighting let me mention some in several of. Definitely, after reading them a changing lush will be creating in you and you will be motivate to do something special.

  • One of the top useful benefit of Google Adsense is, he fulfill our financial requirements through revenue sharing. Everyone who has own site can apply for it and start to make money through the way
  • It is free to join nothing investment is needed to apply for
  • The platform place your ads automatically at your site related to your site content
  • You need nothing to do any course before about to learn it but just need simple guidelines. Hence, very easy to use and implement
  • There is option to filtering more than 200 URLs, in case any site is not good with your site standard
  • Google Adsense provide monthly payment to his user through the easiest ways
  • Google Adsense ads are very charming with eye catching look that impress visitor to provide impression for
  • You can choose various kinds of ads for your site as Audio, Video, Images, Texts etc to make more money from Adsense

Google Adsense Cons:
Adsense is name of trust you never prove he got you deceive without reason. Adsense has as well some condition to run the platform which may you dislike. Nevertheless, you know in this there is enhanced of you as well own Adsense. So, why you not take care of them? Here are under mention some things considered difficult by Adsense user which are read as cons of Google Adsense.

  • Adsense programs policies are difficult to obtain for newbie user thus he has to work hard to win an approved account
  • Website owner feels annoying when his site speed became low due to external JavaScript coding
  • Sometimes you have no permit to make changing in Adsense ads according to your own desire
  • Ads placed on your site are in different colors and shade which may demolish your site visual appearance. So, this may decrease of your site traffic that thing you dislike very
  • In some countries webmaster have to wait for 6 months constant work on his site then he is entitled to apply for Adsense account
  • Once you gained an approved Adsense account, your account could be suspended any time in case you commit any wrong attitude with Google Adsense
  • Once your account is suspended there is not 100% chance you get recovers back

How Google Adsense Works?

Google Adsense all features are praise worthy and easy to understand whether you are yet newbie. You just need a click to reach till its guidelines where you can take its all features understanding easily. Its working process is just interesting and easy to comprehend. Moreover, you can read under mentioned some words about how Google Adsense works.

How Does Adsense Work

  • The Google Adsense account holder put the JavaScript code anywhere he need in web content.
  • Pasted on page the JavaScript code, the page when visited by the user the code utilize inlined JSON to show content fetched.
  • To conclude high value keyword/keyword phrase, the server of Google utilize cache of web page for contextual advertisement.
  • When the visitor made a search, search advertisement is included in result list.

Google Adsense Types:

Not at all, Google Adsense program pay his user on the base of merely one type. More than one Adsense types are, you can enhance your revenue to maintain them accurately. In the system some various Adsense types are which are Content, Video, Mobile and Search etc. Each of the ad type is different in use and interface moreover you can customize them as you consider better.

Google Adsense Types
Content ad type is very commonly used by the user which only displays textual advertisement among the content. This type is very well-known and proves very useful by the advertiser that it cause profitable for him. According to the Google Adsense policy, a user has permit to use more than one three content ads unit in per single page. And these units must be well organized according to the Google Adsense policy.
Image Ads:
Image ad type is just graphic ad which is considered one of very useful by the advertiser. Image ads type is like as contextual ad where a graphics is display and a text link is hidden behind this image. If the graphic is informative and charming, webmaster can get enough clicks on it. The most of the image ads are not static but these are animated with charming look.
Video Ads:
Google Adsense permits to the publishers to make Google Adsense revenue through their video content using from ad placement from Google extensive of advertising network. It is will of publisher whether what type of ads should display with his video track inventory. There some video ads formats are as Linear, Overlay (That show Adsense text and display ads over the video type content) and TrueView. It is other one option is for publisher to display companion ads that display ads run along with video content outside the video player.
Adsense for Search is other one ads type to extend publisher revenue into high amount. This type of ads permit the publisher to display ads as a search term and gather 51% commission revenue made by……….. This rate is not satisfied by the publishers because they take 68% for the content type but why less for Search type. The Adsense for Search ads could display alongside the result from the Adsense Custom Search engine or it is alongside the internal search result by using the Custom Search Ads. Remember the Custom Search Ads is merely available to White-listed publishers.
Link unit is a small list of topic which display alongside a website content. The link ads unit is relevant to the site content. Actually, this small list is of some websites when any click is hit on these sites, a list of ads arises. This list of the sites is nearly related to the site content thus visitor interest for it. When the visitor made a click on ad relevant to the link unit, the publisher is paid but not when show click on the initial topic as itself. As mentioned before the link unit consist of a small list of some topics and these may be organized both of horizontally and vertically. A single list unit may contain three or four topics.
Page Level Ads:
Page-level ads just are the family of ad formats which assistance you to provide latest and innovative way to monetize well your site content. Through Page Level ads unit you put the same ad code once on the every which you need to display the ads. When you put the code, Adsense display Page Level ads automatically at the proper time when possible to perform accurately for you.
Discontinued types:
Mobile Content:
Google features are not limited till desktop to make money through its Adsense program. Since the mobile application introduced well Google took a progressive step to make money through your site within in the mobile too. Mobile Content type ad is way that Adsense permit the publishers to make their revenue through their mobile websites by using targeted Google advisements. Mobile ads can be displayed through your mobile device.
Adsense for domain permits advertisement to be placed on domain name which yet are not improved. At the moment, Adsense for domain is offered to all of publishers but this was not available for all. On the time of 12 December, 2008 Tech Crunch gave in the report that Adsense for Domains is only for US publishers available. On 22 February, 2012 Google declared, it was shutting down its Hosted Adsense for Domains program.
Google announced on May 2005 a beta version of Adsense for Feed as a limited-participation this version of Adsense run on the base of RSS and Atom feeds which has maximum 100 active subscribers. Adsense for Feeds runs on the base including images into a feed. Google posts advertising content into the image once image showed by the RSS reader. According to the feed content the advertising content is elected nearby the image. The user redirected to advertiser’s product site once he clicks on the image in the same way as usual Adsense advertisement. Till 15 August, 2008 Adsense for Feed continued as a beta state when it was available for all Adsense users. And Adsense for Feeds is discontinued by the Google on 3 December, 2012.

How Much Google Adsense Pay?

Google Adsense pays you for different models. Each of the models has different for user paying. You can extend your payment to increase your site value. The more your site traffic increase the more you can earn through these models.
It was time when Google still have only one model to sharing Google Adsense revenue for his user that was “one click” base. Once visitor clicks on webmaster ads, the webmaster get reward for this. After clicking, it was not concern for this whether visitor has interest for this link or not. Currently, Google pays for his user on the base of both two models Click and Impression base.
What are its importance let read about……..
1: CPC (Cost Per Click) – 1 Click Base
Google click base revenue is just old but still running continually model to sharing revenue. In this model user get revenue from Google on 1 click base. It is not matter for the webmaster whether visitor show interest for this link or not. Webmaster earns once a click in made by the visitor. Hence, it is your effort how many clicks are happening through your site. The more your site gets genuine clicks the more Google Adsense revenue you will make.
2: CPM (Cost Per Mille)-1000 Impression Base
CPM is other one main model through this Google make payment to his users. for this model there is no concern whether a visitor click on advertiser ads or not but it need 1000 impressions to reach till the amount how much Google agree to pay for. So, very easily you can extend your Google Adsense revenue by increasing your organic site traffic. Moreover, if your site traffic is from USA, UK, Austria or Canadian countries there is open fact you can make more from CPM model.

How much you can Make from Adsense?

Google pays you the 68% out of the total his share which is the great integrity for you. I think you must agree for this sharing that is much enough and you must thank to him that other ones ads networks are not in this race. So, the question that how can we increase our revenue from Adsense. It is very easy to do but need a bit struggle. You should increase traffic toward your site if have a mind to increase Google Adsense revenue. To increase traffic toward your site you may be heard the name of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is one of the biggest names to make your site visible in search engines for the users. SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization has many authentic called White Hat SEO Factors by using them you can increase your site traffic and then your site Google Adsense earnings as well increase.

How much you can make from Adsense
So, you can use under listed useful Search Engine Optimization Factors/Techniques to increase your site traffic which are White Hat On-Page and Off-Page SEO Factors/ Techniques.
On Page SEO Factors:
1: Page Titles (Your Page/Post Title should be 5 to 6 words long and never extend it)
2. Meta Descriptions (Keep Post/Page Meta Description limited till 150 character long)
3. URL Structure (Your URL structure should be three to four word long should not as same as post title)
4. Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, tags in post)
5. Keyword Density (keep keyword density 2 to 3 per 100 words)
6. Image SEO (Optimize your post images with alt tag in it)
7. Internal Linking (linking post to other relevant post)
Off Page SEO Factors:
1. Social Networking Sites (Share your site URL in Social Media)
2. Search Engine Submission (Submit your site sitemap and URL in Search Engines)
3. Article Submission (Do Article Writing and post on high page rank sites with your site link)
4. Video Submission (Submit your site video in Video Sharing sites)
5. Answer Questions (Find the site like Yahoo Answer and post your question & answer with your site link)
6. Forum Posting (Become the part of discussion in Forums and share your site link)
7. Guest Posting (Write for others with your site link)
8. Directory Submission (Submit your site link to Directory sites)

Google Adsense Ads Units:

In Google Adsense program Adsense ads banners are of different sizes and types as Text Ads, Banner Ads, Flash, Animated and Graphic etc. These are all available in different sizes you can use them according to your website’s structure. Google Adsense account holder may make changing whether to display both of multimedia and text or only one of them. So, you can take more understanding about his ads units as under.

Google Adsense Ads Units
300×250 (It is called “Medium Rectangle” unit that is consist of both of text and image ads)
336×280 (Known as “Large Rectangle” which is also contain text and image ads)
728×90 (It is known as “Leaderboard” and available on both of text and image)
300×600 (This size ad unit is known as “Half Page” and available on text and image)
320×100 (It is known as “Large Mobile Banner” for mobile device)
320×50 (It’s too for mobile and known as “Leaderboard”)
468×60 (Known as “Banner” and available on text and image format)
234×60 (This size of banner ad unit is known as “Half Banner” and also available on text and image base)
120×600 (“Skyscraper” it is called and available on text and image base)
120×240 (It is called “Vertical Banner” which is available on both of text and image base)
160×600 (It is known as with the name of “Wide Skyscraper” and you can find it on both of text and image base)
300×1050 (This size is known as the name “Portrait” and available on text and image base)
970×90 (This is known as “Large Leaderboard” and also available on text and image ads)

Requirements to Get Approve Adsense Account

Anyone task is not easy to get achievement in. You’ve to do something special effort to get access till and one day you are won. As we’re talking about Google Adsense, it has too some bets if someone going to sign up on this platform. Which are these requirements, you need to get approved account on it? These are mentioned next which are not only easy to adopt but also afterward you can get an approved account on Google Adsense with just single spell.

Requirements to get approve adsense account
1: Use TLD Domain Name (
2: Create High Quality Content
3: Have some well optimized original content post
4: Work three months constant on your site (Recommended six months)
5: Make sure you are 18 years old
6: Take care of your Site Design that should be user-friendly
7: Create Privacy Page for your site
8: Create About us and Contact us page
9: Your site must receiving 300 to 350 Visitors per day

How to Google Adsense Sign Up?

To get access till Google Adsense it is initial step you have an account on (On Gmail) and then you are worthy to go forward to make money through Adsense. To sign up for Google Adsense is very simple and free and it foresee will remain forever free. So, first of all you create an account on Google which is first step to sign up for Adsense program.

Sign Up for Adsense
Furthermore, follow the next step to Google Adsense Sign after creating Gmail/Google account.
1 Step:
Go to Google Adsense Sign Up page that will ask you whether you’ve Google account or not. Here will be two options for you, Sign In and Create Account. If you have already an account on Google, you will use Sign In option otherwise use Create Account option to create new one.
Step 2:
After maintaining an account for Google Adsense on next Google will ask you about your website so, enter you website URL and in Content Language option mention your website content whether in which language your site content is.
Step 3:
Once you completed the step 2, you will proceed to next step which is considered very important that is about your information. On the Information spell something tidings are needed ask from you as mention below. So, take care about them during mention.
Country Name (Your Country Name, where are you from)
Time Zone (What is your Country Time Zone)
Account type (Individual or Business) (Remember: Select carefully that option will never change after)
Payee Name (Type your Payee Name it’s too will not change later)
Street Address (Your living address)
City or Town (Your living City or Town)
Postal Code (Type Your Postal Code)
Your Phone Number (Use the active Phone Number)
How did you get to know Adsense? (Whether in which means you heard about Adsense?)
After completing all these above information now press the “Submit my application” button. Your application will send and you will get inform once your application will pass or reject within some working days by the Google Adsense team.

Payment Methods for Adsense

After making struggle gaining an approved Adsense account then your next important task is to receive your earned payment at your house door. For this, Google Adsense provides not merely one payment method but here more than one payment methods are which can use any one in them according to your facility. Google Adsense has an option of some payment methods which are EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), (SEPA) Single Euro Payments Area, Western Union, Wire transfer and Check. According to your homeland easiness you can make set up of any one before having a mind to get your payment in your pocket.
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer):
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) is greatly fastest and easy way to receiving your Adsense revenue into your local bank account in your own currency. Adsense welcome you to sign up for EFT but unfortunately this option yet not available in the most of country. It is too true Google is working for make possible to this option in the country where this is yet not. In most of fortune countries this option is yes which need to provide of their local bank detail and verify account by less test deposit.
(SEPA) Single Euro Payments Area:
(SEPA) Single Euro Payments Area is the affordable and reliable Electronic Funds Transfer option in some specific number of European countries. EFT system permits the businesses to convey EFT payment to any country which is located in European area. SEPRA EFT payment method deposits your Google Adsense payment in Euro into your local bank account. SEPRA is one of the recommended payment methods but unfortunately this option is not available for most of the county while Google is working on this to introduce it in maximum country area.
So, to sign up for SEPRA EFT option you have to provide your bank detail. If your account is situated where the currency is Euro you are worthy to use this option and verify your account with small deposit test. Here is list of some country where the SEPRA EFT option is available and you can use it without any risk.

Availability Currency Test Deposit
Bulgaria EuroNo Required
Cyprus EuroYes Required
Estonia EuroYes Required
Gibraltar EuroNo Required
IcelandEuroNo Required
Latvia EuroNo Required
Liechtenstein EuroNo Required
Lithuania EuroNo Required
LuxembourgEuroYes Required
MonacoEuroYes Required
Malta EuroYes Required
RomaniaEuroNo Required
Slovenia EuroYes Required

Western Union:
Western Union is one of the fastest and easy ways to get payment all around the world that is why, this is useful option in Google Adsense payment methods. When you made 100$ Google Adsense earnings in your Adsense account you are worthy to pay out using Western Union option. You are worthy to receive your payment as your Payee Name in Google Adsense account. Once you set up Western Union payment method with 100$ in your account, the Adsense team will send you MTCN (10 digits code) which can be found in payment history section. After receiving the MTCN go to western union agent with your CNIC (Your National Identity Card) and ask for him money payout. You can receive this money as your local currency there is no mention.
Wire Transfer:
Wire Transfer is other one way to receive your Google Adsense earnings on your homeland door. It is known as one of the useful method, with less time period you can payout your Adsense payment. For this, you need to get SWIFT and IBAN (International Banking Account Number) of your nearby local bank. This detail must be printed on your check book but in case not you can contact your local bank to get this important info. After getting the detail, go to Adsense setting page and fill up here the same accurate. Add the bank account and set it as the primary method and now you are worthy to receive your payment into bank easily.
It is considered the lazy way that consume several of the days to reach payment on your door step. But in European country this method work perfectly while in Asian like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka this option mostly failed due to security concern. It is suggestion you should use one of the above means to get payment instead of it.

What is the last?

Google Adsense is purely humble with his users. Time to time this service is making useful services for us as well in its platform guidelines changing and we have to follow. Therefore, If we ask them those are attached with this system since long span, their answer will be right “Google Adsense changed our lives into well-off and it is the only way to solve our all of financial requirements”. So, we can settle all our financial requirements from Google Adsense if we take it in serious and shun from tricky treatment with it.

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