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Make money at home is desire all ones those use internet connect. Everyone wants, staying home with doing simple task he could earn something. Now-a-days internet job common by doing some work freelancer get his reward. But, someone in deprived country considers online earning just the fake way and time wasting. Actually, they not touch to the realty but online earning is 100% real they should know. Its argument is mentioned by me in the post of “Complete Make Money Strategy at Home Online” you must read how make money online is possible. Hence, in this discussion we’ll talk on one of the great online making money way “Infolinks”. For this you need some features in the shape of a complete website and some traffic on it then you are worthy to use this platform. Anyhow, our topic is about Infolinks, how you can make money from it or which important requirements you need to got its approved account.

What is Infolinks?

What is Infolinks

Infolinks is the most well known ads network for both of Advertiser and Publisher. That is useful alternatives to Adsense and other major ads networks. In fact, some other ads networks are also well known but Infolinks too not behind. Infolinks has prominent features than these ads network like to get approval soon, simple ads configuration, fast payments delivery etc. These are not enough yet there many more are explained ahead. Anyway, in this post we’ll learn many features of Infolinks and also get info how to make money from it? Let’s make commencement ahead to the main topic attentively.

Eligibility Criteria for Infolinks:

Infolinks is one of the best ad networks that work on the base of InText advertising. Definitely, Infolinks is known in the list of best ad networks and it is as well great Adsense alternatives you can use. To maintain less struggle on your site the same you can earn as Google Adsense by this great online advertising network Infolinks.
So, its Eligibility Criteria is not tough to gain, you need not to do something great to Infolinks sign up but just little approach is needed.

Eligibility Criteria For Infolinks
One of the great merits of this online advertising network is, after getting Infolinks sign up there is no menace, your account will be suspended.

(My means is not its terms policy not apply on your site after getting account and you ignore it but its policy are not solid as of Google Adsense ultimately on any cost you’ve to follow them for better outcomes)

As others online advertising networks have some conditions to getting approved sign up as Infolinks has as well by using them you can get approved Infolinks sign up easily. You can take a look on under mentioned Infolinks approval tricks which are nearly easy to follow and these (Infolinks approval tricks) are sufficient you can get access till Infolinks login page and make Infolinks earnings through your site via this
InText advertising platform.

Infolinks Approval Tricks:

  • Have your content in English or Spanish language?
  • Have you at least 20 posts on your site?
  • Is your site or blog receiving 100 page views per day?
  • Have your site with Smooth, Clear and User-Friendly design
  • Site with any content on it
  • Your site must be completed
  • Is your site comply with Infolinks terms?

How to Join Infolinks Program?

You can examine Infolinks is considered one of the great alternatives to Adsense you can make Infolinks earnings through your site. Infolinks Sign up is free you need nothing to spend in case have a mind to collect Infolinks earnings in your account. It is not knotty to join Infolinks all are its steps are easy to understand and use. Definitely, you need not take others’ assist to join this online advertising network but just serious look is ample to its sign up page. Moreover, just follow the under mentioned steps in case you have fast zeal to make Infolinks earnings.

Step # 1:
Just visit the Infolinks Sign up page; you will see here are two main options.

Publisher (Who has a site and publish advertiser product ads on his site)
Advertiser (Who is Advertiser and make introduce his ads on publisher site)

It is clear you are webmaster and want to make Infolinks earnings through your site. So, choose Publisher option, related it Sign up page will appear. Just enter your site URL in first bar and decide sign up either through Facebook or Email ID. After choosing through Email ID, you will find the page as under seen.

Infolinks Sign up page

Here you have to enter the under mentioned detail………….

Full Name: What is your real Name?
Email ID: Provide any ID etc Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail etc
Password: Always use the strong password

After putting these information, press the “Join” button and now you are successfully sign up and worthy to Infolinks login.

Infolinks vs Adsense:

Whenever you search for a query about make money with website, at top there two main keywords visible for you are Infolinks vs Adsense. On this time you’ve an intention in your mind” Is this platform real to make money or not?” if your search result is Infolinks vs Adsense, you reached the right place, there is no mention. You can use them which neither waste your time nor money but you get whatever you made.

Adsense is a platform that runs on the base of ads network operated by own Google. It was launched on Jun 18, 2003 with initial stage. Adsense let the publisher to earn money through his site to displaying advertiser ads on his site. The platform serves more than one type ads for the publishers which are Text, Image media, Video media etc. Once you got approved account on it, there is no forbidden you can use it on more than one sites but condition is; all of sites must comply with Google Adsense Policy.

Infolinks is one of the great alternatives to Adsense using by a big class of webmasters. It as well an ads network which work for the utility both of advertiser and publisher. The Infolinks itself is an InText ads network thus best for who has large amount of text on his site. The platform launched in 2007 and it is considered one of the top ads network at this moment. The useful news about this ads network is it can run along with other network as Google Adsense, there is no restriction about.

To taking understanding between both these advertising networks go ahead………

Infolinks Understanding:
Easier to Get Approved and Integration
Is an InText ads network
Permission to use any other ads net work along with
Less payment for Asian traffic
No fear to disabled your account
Slow down your site speed
Cost Per Click rate is very low for Infolinks
Payment through PayPal, Payoneer and Wire

Google Adsense Understanding:
Hard to Get Approved and Integration
Permission to use any other ads net work along with
More payment for European traffic
It is fear to disabled your account any time
No panic to slow down your site speed
Cost Per Click rate is very high
Payment through Checks, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Wire Transfer and Western Union

Infolinks Referral Program:

Yes, everyone included me want to extend his earning through various ways. To get this aim we work hard then win the race. As it is discussion about Infolinks which is platform for both of advertiser and publisher but here is further useful advantage for publisher those can extend their earning through this.

It is Infolinks Referral Program you can make double earning through this
You can refer people through your referral link once someone user join Infolinks, you will earn 10% commission of his revenue till one year. Just imagine in case you refer 10 users those begin to making 100$ per month, you will get 10% through them without doing anything.

You can see as
10 users x $100 = $1000
10% of $1000 = $100

Just imagine more, in case you refer 50 user those making 100$ in a month then how much you will earn without doing anything? It is just very simple as,

50 users x $100 = $5000
10% of $5000 = $500

Infolinks ads Models:

Infolinks provide you five monetization models, in them you’ve to select for your site or you are worthy to use more than one of them for your site there is no matter. These five models are of InText Ads, InTag Ads, InFrame Ads, InFold and InScreen Ads which are displayed differently from the conventional banner. Brief detail about them is mentioned ahead that how these are about?

Infolinks ads Models

InText: InText ad is very simple link that appears on your site page. The default Link Style of InText ads is Double line. It is set as by default to 12 links per page there is no concern that how much text a page contain. What a great thing is it if you set it as; if your post is contain 500+ words long 5 to 7 links best while if the post is contain less than 500 words it is better to use of 4 to 5 links.

InFold: InFold ads unit is small pop up that appear from your bottom side of the page. On computer screen it can be close easily while on mobile devices it is not well and covers 1.5 Cm screen of your mobile thus most of the times user have to close the page due to it.
This ads unit is disliked by some of user because on mobile devices it is not appropriate. So, it is highly recommended, don’t turn on InFold ads unit if your site’s 30% users are from mobile device, it may harm your site Search Engine Optimization ranking.

InTag: InTag is one of the useful ads units that work wonder if you place it perfectly. By default placement of this unit is just right while if you want to make changing, do it manual get the code and place it where you want.

InFrame: This show banner placed in extra real estate in the margins of large screen monitor. Infolinks displays InFrame ads unit according to your site keywords and phrases, thus the ads displayed definitely relevant to the keywords.

InScreen: InScreen model new launched by Infolinks team and passed its beta test. The majority of the user likes it very much due to its accuracy. The useful recommendation for InScreen is; it set as a trigger to exit only and also set as an internal page only.

How to Increase Infolinks Earning as a Publishers?

Once you joint any ads network the soonest craze create in your mind, how to make maximum revenue from it? And you establish various techniques to extend his earning. But, on this stage you must take care, you know what care? Then, use tricks to extend his earning taking care of its policy. Remaining its policy scope no one prevent you to increase your interest.

Similarly, Infolinks that is one of the biggest ads network, about every webmaster use it to make revenue. Although you have to do struggle hard to make big amount of revenue from it due to less Infolinks CPM rates for publishers. For this you adopt many techniques getting maximum revenue. I think if you succeed in it, definitely you took care of its policy. Anyway, you can use following of tricks to monetizing ads then increasing Infolinks rates of earning.

Use Dotted line ads instead of double line
Use two color ads for better outcome
Use more ads for long article
Choose the proper Category related to your site content
Write Keyword Rich posts
Use related tags above the fold on post
Don’t show ads in Header, Sidebar and Footer places
Gather Organic Traffic
Focus on European country like USA, Canada etc

How much We can Earn from Infolinks?

This question is common on new publisher’s tongue whether how much we can earn from Infolinks or what are Infolinks rates? It is just simple to narrate that is depend on your site traffic volume and location. If your site receiving Asian side traffic like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, there is possibility Infolinks rates is 0.2-0.8$ per 1000 views which is greater than of others In-Text ads network. By the same way, if your site have a majority of the traffic from USA, Canada and Australia, the Infolinks CPM rates will be upto 5$ or more.

How Much We Can Earn From Infolinks
Now, it is clear your site earning from Infolinks is depend on your traffic the more you will gather traffic toward it the more revenue will gain. Furthermore, try to gather traffic from European country because Infolinks CPM rates for this location is high than of Asian.

Infolinks Payment methods:

Once you made specific amount through Infolinks, the other stage is you have an approved Infolinks payment method to get this amount in your pocket. For this, Infolinks provide more than one payment methods for his publisher. It is easiness for publisher they can get their available Infolinks payment in their hinds. Infolinks platform has five main payment options you can use any one as it is possible in your local area.

Infolinks Payment methods
Here is a short chart about Infolinks payment options and minimum payout in them

Bank Wire Transfers: ($25 plus 2% to receive your payment via your local currency)
PayPal: (U.S. residents $1, everyone else 2% up to $10)
eCheck: ($6 plus 2% for currency conversion)
Western Union: ($15 minimum)
ACH and Payoneer: (No fees)

Final Outcome:
You were reading about Infolinks review now you reached the bottom side. Hope it was prove interesting and informative for you where about all major aspects of the platform are mentioned comprehensively. Ultimately, once you have a site, hurry up to monetization Infolinks ads with your property content.

The current discussion has some internal links related to Infolinks category you can visit them to getting further facts about Infolinks. Moreover, once you still have any query for me, let me know.

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