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If you use this blog, you must read its Privacy Policy before provider by the weblog owner so that all thing should be clear and may not any misunderstand occur between user and author.

Browser, IP Address and Cookies:

Your Privacy is very vital for us to make clear all things between you and weblog owner. It should be clear that your personal information like Browser information, IP address and Internal pages should be saved by the weblog owner just only for positive intend. And the weblog owner also clarifies that he may use cookies to save any of user information just for make well service for him.

Weblog Comment:

The owner of this weblog has a right openly to edit, delete and unapproved the spam comment that was not meet to his terms as under mentioned comment should be unapproved:

The comment text is written in other language accept English
The comment content is useless and meaningless
The comment content is consist of pornography and Intoxicated text
The comment that meet negative to other’s personality


This blog’s content is unique and protected by the owner and it is strictly warned by the weblog owner no one is deserver to copy any content material (images, text, code etc) from this weblog without permission, for the purpose to pasting on other site. In case of caught in Copycatted practice he/she will be seriously worthy for DMCA and Copyscape action.

It must be remember that this Privacy Policy is updated it should be changed whenever needed according to the requirement and for user interests.


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